CUGIC- Web Chat Service

CUGIC Live Chat allows users to communicate in real time by using
easily accessible web interfaces.

  • CUGIC Chat offers a complete
    package to boost customer
    satisfaction and retention.

    CUGIC is a modern, fast and quick web based chat software specifically designed to reach out to potential customers and interact with them in real time. Many websites are now adding live chat support to provide real time answers to the customers instead of leaving them unattended. Real time chat support does not only builds customers’ confidence but also improve the conversion rates.

Live Chat Preference Among Online Consumers

  • prefer getting back to a
    website with live chat for
    repetitive purchase

  • online consumers
    engage in live chat

Powerful Chat Portal With
Real Time Monitoring

CUGIC is a web based chat software which instantly allows you with your customers
and lets you monitor the website in real time to track customers.

Great customer service starts here.
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Enjoy the real time typing view

  • With the amazing feature of real time typing view you
    can prepare your agents to respond accordingly to the
    customers. This feature allows you to literally look inside
    customer’s mind. The message customers are typing is
    actually visible even if they haven’t hit the send button.

Real Time Access To Customer's Profiles

Access your visitor’s profiles to know them more. Track their behavior and monitor the pages
that they visit the most. This will give you an idea to interact with them at the right moment.