CUGIC- Best Live Chat
Software for Website

CUGIC is a simple website live chat support software which will help your team and customers interact in real time

  • Convert your visitors
    to happy customers

  • CUGIC is a website live chat support software which is designed for small, medium and large scale businesses. Convert your visitors into happy customers through this amazing live help chat software. CUGIC offers you a customized chat experience through which you can track your visitors, send them proactive chat invitations, access and monitor your agent’s performance and much more. Since more businesses are now opting for top live support chat software, it is really essential that you must know how to handle different customers and provide them with the best required help.

    CUGIC is a live chat software website which is easy, fast and reliable. The amazing features offered by CUGIC strengthens customer engagement and transforms the connections between customers and businesses in real time.

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  • Live Chat Support Must Not
    Stop When The Chat Ends

    Resumed conversation

    With this particular Live chat customer support software you and your customer can now resume your conversation where you last left.

    All in one place

    CUGIC, live chat customer support software allows you to see your customer’s information, history and events all in one place.

CUGIC Live chat is the fastest way to interact with your customers. Get started today with a free 14 day trial.

  • Live Chat Support Provides Endless Benefits

    Show & Tell

    Communicate with pictures and portray a clear picture to your customers.

    Anywhere, Anytime

    CUGIC allows you to chat through any device. Now your customers can connect with you at any time and from anywhere.

    Instant Response

    Provide your customers with an instant respond and share the most relevant information that they are looking for.

  • CUGIC- An Online Live Web
    Chat Software Which
    Provides the Best Support

    Stay ahead of your customers

    Understand your customers’ requirements by knowing what page they are browsing and how you can help them when they are stuck.

  • Friendly greetings

    Proactively start the conversation with engaging messages and recognize your customer’s needs and offer instant help.

    No more transfers

    CUGIC is a live chat website software that knows who is the best person to assist you. Your customer in Munich will get in touch with CUGIC’s German speaking team for customer support.

  • CUGIC, a live chat software website allows you measure not only customer satisfaction but also enables you to keep a track of your agent’s performance. With a detailed view of analytics and agents reports you can easily grasp how well the customer support is being done.

  • Aim for the Wow Factor

    When your visitor is about to hit the ‘buy’ button, the last thing you’d want them to do is click away from your web page. CUGIC is an online live web chat software which allows you to connect with your customers in real time. Pick up from the last conversation or start a new conversation without letting your visitors click away from your website.

    CUGIC is a live chat website software which is helping businesses build real connections.

    CUGIC supports your customers on the go with its mobile and software friendly features. You can chat from anywhere and at any time through your favorite mobile device. It is a powerful live help chat software which is helping numerous businesses connect with their potential customers all across the globe. CUGIC live chat customer service software is one of a kind. It offers different features which makes the conversation worth visitor’s while. It is considered the best live chat software for website because of the highly dependable customer support solutions.