Overtake Your Competitors through Fastest Chat Services

To gain trust and offer better customer services for increased sales it is essential that every automobile industry must employ CUGIC live chat service.

Customers Can Easily

Many car dealers believe that the key of turning leads into customers is to stay engaged with the visitors. The sooner you respond them, higher the chances of converting your leads into appointments and customers.
Having a CUGIC chat software for your dealership website, helps you interact with the multiple potential buyers and sellers. Adding the feature of Live Chat to your website allows you to help your customers find exactly what they are looking for!

To keep customers from drifting to the competitor’s website, it is essential that you have a chat software through which you can respond your clients promptly. Answering the basic queries through chatting can definitely help customers schedule their appointments with you. Providing a full customer support with state-of-the-art proactive chat software proves to be the key to success.

What CUGIC Offers?

Accelerated Automotive Customer Service

Many people do vehicle search in their non-working hours. Unless you don’t have a 24/7 customer support, it is possible that you might miss out many customers. Responding to queries related to automotive should be prompt and reliable. Customers should be replied at the right time so they can make a sensible decision about their automobiles. It is actually frustrating when customers want to interact with an agent and no one is there to respond. CUGIC offers round the clock chat services which will let you stay connected to the potential car buyers and sellers to guide them through the dealership.

Benefits of Live Chat Support Services for Automotive Dealers

Sell Maximum Automobiles

CUGIC offers state-of-the-art chat technology designed to help your customers in automobile dealership. Our technology helps people learn how to implement and deliver the best chat services to the automotive dealers.

Importance of 24/7 Service

The difference between selling a vehicle and your competitors selling is answering the right questions at the right time. People engaged in chats are ready for information, hence being available 24/7 satisfies many customers.

Lead Conversion

CUGIC masters the art of generating leads from your car dealership website by making the most of the modern trends in consumer communication preferences. Our chat ensures to convert consumers into real leads.

Customer Support

Your website chat should be able to help customers who are looking for answers. There are many queries that come from the customers which require someone on the other side of the chat window all the time.

No chat limit!

CUGIC offers an option of catering multiple customers simultaneously. This way your agent will be trained to handle different queries related to the buying and selling of vehicles. CUGIC allows you to handle multiple chats from one place which decreases the probability of missing out any query.

CUGIC-Accelerating Auto Sales with Chat Services

  • 3,000+Dealer Customers

  • 500+Cars Sold

  • 2,000+Corporate Wide Chats

  • 7,550,300+Conversations Handled

Device Friendly Chat Services for All!

Buyers must always be able to connect with you no matter what device they are using. Responsive chat feature offered by CUGIC makes it possible for the potential automotive buyers and sellers to connect with the dealers on the go!

Value Added Features

Much needed analytic overview!

A quick summary of customer service activities can help you pin point exactly what the customer is really looking for and what can be done to enhance customer satisfaction.

CUGIC offers a complete analytics overview of your customers so you can keep a check on the number of chats, interaction and customer satisfaction ratio.

Know what your customers are actually thinking!

CUGIC’s real time typing view feature allows you to see what the customer is really typing even when they don’t hit the send button. This feature will show if the customer is really serious about the deal and will also prepare you to answer them accordingly.

Talk to your customers in their language!

Customers feel more comfortable when you speak to them in their language. Keeping this in mind, CUGIC offers chat option in 42 languages. Strengthen the agent-buyer relationship by greeting international and domestic clients in their native languages.

Talk to customers before they talk to you!

Prompt response is the key of increasing conversion in your dealership. Customized chat invitations engage visitors who are ready to make a purchase after getting their question answered. CUGIC automate chat service makes it easier for you to interact with your customers. Through proactive chat system you can reach out to your customers before they approach you. This way you will be able to grab their attention and interact about their dealership issues freely.


Britney Gaga

Upon integration of Cugic, we have witnessed a rise in the number of our prospective customers and it has allowed us to enhance the quality of the conversations with the traffic on our website.

Philip Wolfe

Upon integration of Cugic, we have witnessed a rise in the number of our prospective customers and it has allowed us to enhance the quality of the conversations with the traffic on our website.

Cerald Gregory
Sales Team Lead

Upon integration of Cugic, we have witnessed a rise in the number of our prospective customers and it has allowed us to enhance the quality of the conversations with the traffic on our website.