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How to: CUGIC Basics

This short tutorial will provide a reference point for anyone starting to work with CUGIC. Agents who just begin their experience with our solution will be able to find all the necessary information here.

After going through this tutorial, beginner CUGIC users will be able to use the application and understand the information it provides.

1. Starting up

  • First step is to download, install and open one of our apps or go to web application’s page.
  • After starting the application, you will see the login screen. Type in your login email and password and then click on Sign in button.

You will be taken inside of the application, form where you will be able to answer chats, monitor your website, and engage visitors browsing your website.

Using Chats and Visitors sections

CUGIC app top menu consists of six sections:

  • Chats
  • Visitors
  • Archives
  • Tickets
  • Agents
  • Reports

First two tabs are the most important when you focus on handling the chats.

Chats section – is the tab that is used for communicating with your clients. You will handle all visitor enquiries using numerous chat window functions like canned responses, transfers and file-sharing.

Visitors Section – this tab shows you a bunch of information about people who are currently visiting your site. You can see who’s currently browsing through your website, which website your visitors access, which of those visitors are online and which went offline.

Visitors List – Visitors list can also give you info on particular visitors, i.e. their location, the page they are looking at, their name etc.

Using both those sections interchangeably allows you to monitor and help visitors on your site.

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