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Which chat window type to use?

There are two types of CUGIC windows available: embedded and popup. Although both are used to contact with visitors, they do it a bit differently. Read on to see which chat window fits your website better.

Embedded chat window

This type of window is very similar to Facebook chat. It stays in one place on the screen and will follow the users when they are switching sites.

For example, if your visitor has started a chat on your main page and then went to your contact page, the chat window will follow that user and the conversation will continue.

Make sure to put the CUGIC tracking code on all your sites to have the chat window following your visitors across all your pages.

Chat window that opens in a separate browser window. Your visitors can have it open side by side your website and access both simultaneously.

Popup chat window

Popup chat window stays open, even if the visitor leaves the page with the tracking code. It can be closed manually only.


Both chat window types have several things in common. They can be customized with a color scheme of your choice. You can also create custom color schemes and customize chat window with CSS styles.

Another way of customization involves adding your company logo to the chat window. To upload it go to Theme section, select Advanced window tweaks and upload your logo there.

A number of social media buttons can also be added. You can add Facebook Like, Google +1 and Twitter Follow buttons for your visitors to click and access your social media pages.

Rating tool is functionality present in both designs. It lets your visitors rate their conversation, helping you to gauge the performance of your staff.

Additionally, your clients are able to email entire chat transcript by clicking on envelope icon.

Which chat window is for me?

The embedded design is nifty for sales and retailers will love it. Embedded chat window reassures visitors that there is a specialist on the other side, ready to help when they are shopping.

Popup chat window is better when you want to have your CUGIC placed on specific pages only. For example, just your billing or support page. You can also have live chat available only for registered users by placing it on sites that require logging in.

How to set up

When you’ve made your decision, follow these steps to set it up:

  • Go to the Chat window type section
  • Select the window type you prefer
  • Customize your chat window by following the Chat window customization tutorial
  • After you are done, you will have a branded chat window that suits your company’s needs.

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