Tailor Your Internal Support System With CUGIC Help Desk Management


Business Rules

Service Level Agreements

  • Custom Business Rules

    Apply Business Rules to create more ease for your support agents

    Cugic provides such tools to its clients so they can deliver the best to their customers, catering to their needs and utmost convenience. For this purpose, Cugic offers Business rules or automated business rules for the ease of the customers as well as the support agents. Business rules are those predefined actions which are automatically applied to the tickets when certain conditions are met.

    Types of Business Rules:

    • Automations
    • Triggers

    Automation and triggers both are the set of actions that occurs when a ticket matches any specific condition.

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  • Business Hours

    Set defined business hours to enhance workflow

    Different business organizations have different business hours. Some provide 24/7 customer support, while some have limited hours of work. In both cases, the customers are the ones who need time and assistance. Hence, Cugic offers you to set defined business hours to show your availability to your customers. This will help the customers to know what time of the day an agent is available to resolve their queries.

    Why set business hours?

    • Support team to respond to customers anywhere and anytime
    • To show the exact availability of the support agents
    • To measure the performances of the agents To enhance your workflow
    • To enhance your workflow
    • Set up views, triggers, automations, and reports based on your business hours
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  • Time Tracking

    Manage time spent on each ticket with Time Tracking Tool

    If you are looking for a better workflow in which you can manage the time spent on each ticket and also evaluate your agents’/ team’s performance, we just have the right thing for you. Cugic has brought in an effective Time Tracking tool with which you can track the time spent on each ticket and also measure the tickets that take more time to get resolved. Isn’t it helpful!

    How can time tracking be helpful?

    • Track time spent on each ticket
    • Evaluate individual as well as team performance on time spent on the tickets
    • Allows minute to minute time tracking
    • Enables you to switch between tickets, too
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  • SLA Management

    Monitor your service level performance to increase customer support

    SLA management or Service Level Agreement is a contract between a customer and the support agent. This agreement specifies performance measures for support by ticket priority. The support provided ensures that a measured and predictable service it delivered to the customers.

    What are SLA Policies?

    • SLA policies are strategies used to measure the performance support by ticket priority.
    • These policies have a set structure
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  • Multiple Ticket Forms

    Manage multiple requests with Ticket Forms Support

    You can now have ticket forms to create multiple support request forms that maintain the data and fields of the ticket. Ticket form are predefined set of ticket fields supporting specific requests. These forms can be visible to customers and agents or to agents only. The administrator has the rights to create and manage ticket forms.

    What actions can be applied?

    • Changing the default ticket form
    • Activating and deactivating ticket forms
    • Adding and removing brands
    • Changing the order of your ticket forms
    • Deleting ticket forms
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  • Conditional Fields

    Create a proactive user experience by adding Conditional fields to you tickets

    Cugic brings you an effective tool which will help administrators to hide and show the fields in tickets, giving customers and agents a better user experience. It will eradicate much of the confusion a customer goes through when requesting ticket support for any query. This saves time for both the agent and the customer maintaining high customer retention.

    Types of Conditional Fields:

    • Conditional Fields for Agents
    • Conditional Fields for Customers
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  • Custom Roles & Permissions

    Speed up your workflow by assigning specific roles to your support agents

    Cugic offers an exceptional feature in which you can assign roles and grant permissions to your agents. This feature is beneficial for larger companies who have many teams under one supervision. It helps the administrator to manage a team in a better way and the evaluation of an agent also becomes quite easy.

    Types of role:

    Cugic offers three default roles

    • Owner
    • Administrator
    • Support agent
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