Engaging Customers through Social Media

  • Evolution of Open Ticket for Social Media

    CUGIC has integrated its ticketing system with the widely used social media platforms. This allows agents to manage large volume of messages in a seamless manner. This is a highly responsive and convenient feature which allows customers to reach out to you easily and quickly.

    CUGIC ticketing system converts social media messages from Facebook and Twitter into an open ticket for your customer support team. Social media messages allow agents to keep track of the latest happenings and preferences that customers talk about. Related comments on social media pages and groups help agents learn the trends and strengthens their focus on providing better customer service.

Converting Facebook and Twitter messages into tickets
for increased customer engagement!

  • Support team can respond customers anywhere

  • Valuable feedback and insights gathered through online marketing campaigns

  • Keep agents updated on customer conversations

  • Improves the quality of customer service

Social Media Channels For CUGIC Ticketing

CUGIC ticketing system allow agents to cater the customer’s needs on their social networking site with just one click. With CUGIC Facebook integration all Facebook messages and wall posts are converted into tickets.

  • Social media engagement
    increases with the customer

  • Social media monitoring
    eradicates problems

  • Stronger relationships with
    customers through personalized

CUGIC Facebook Integration Settings

  • Facebook channel monitors your Facebook page and converts wall posts and inbox messages into tickets.
  • Automatically converts wall posts on a page into a ticket. Agent’s response on the tickets also appears on Facebook wall.
  • Captures wall posts authored by Facebook page along with other Facebook users into tickets.
  • Unpublished posts or ‘dark posts’ become CUGIC Support tickets.
  • Convert private messages into tickets for a private conversation with customers. If your page becomes unauthorized, you may need to add the 'Read Mailbox' permission.

Go an extra mile and create unforgettable social media customer service experiences with the social customer service through our software.

With the advent of social media platforms like Twitter, customers find it easy to repost issues and interact with brands just by tweeting. Twitter is an open forum that allows the world to hear what your customers have to say about your brand. Customers expect immediate response through such social mediums. Twitter ticketing system offers a seamless integration.

  • Brand mentions are monitored

  • Tweets and direct messages
    (DMs) are converted into
    support tickets

  • Improves response time and
    customer retention

CUGIC Twitter Integration Settings

  • By adding your company Twitter account you can communicate with the Twitter community and convert tweets into tickets in CUGIC Support. Tweets between your Twitter account and users are captured in tickets.
  • Incoming direct messages and liked tweets are converted into tickets.
  • Agents are allowed to reply from Twitter account while responding to a ticket.
  • Any public tweeting mentioning your Twitter account name (example, @Cugic_Official) will be converted into tickets.
  • Incoming direct messages are converted into tickets so agents can reach out to customers privately.
  • Liked tweets are automatically converted into tickets.
  • Go an extra mile and create unforgettable experiences with the social customer service software.