Accelerating Response Time with Macros

  • Never Perform A Same Task, TWICE!

    Macros is an automated one-click solution through which workflow can be streamlined for support tickets. This saves both time and effort of creating different responses to queries with same issues.

    Macros let agents handle multiple ticket operations like changing status, department, priority and other properties with an automated response. This feature is ideal to enhance customer satisfaction as they are provided with quick solutions to their queries.

Getting Started With Macros

  • Close and redirect to topics

    This sets the ticket to closed status. If the ticket type is an incident of a known problem, the requester will be informed through a comment that the ticket is marked as closed and will be redirected to the forums for detailed information.

  • Customer not responding

    This is sent as a reminder to the customer who hasn’t responded to a request for more information on a ticket with pending status.

  • Downgrade and inform

    This is sent to the requester informing them about the status of their ticket has been downgraded to low priority and there will be delay in resolving the issue.

  • Take it

    This macro is for agents and used as a shortcut to assign themselves a new request.

NOTE: All the above mentioned macros can be used as is, edited or modified as need be.


  • Fast and personalized response to queries

  • Acknowledge visitors’ queries without answering

  • Frequently asked questions can be answered easily

  • Account registration process can be delivered through macros

  • Handling Multiple Queries With A Single Response

    Multiple macros can be applied to a single ticket. While managing tickets in bulk you can apply macros to tickets for your own convenience. Agents apply more than one macro usually when the ticket contains more than one issue. This helps them respond to multiple queries with a single response.

    To add a macro, click on the ‘Add New Macro’

    • Enter Macro name
    • Enter description
    • Select from the ‘Available for’ menu
    • Select Actions by using the dropdown and add actions for your macro. Add action to a comment to the ticket to update the required fields.
    • After selecting the action and adding its description, click 'create' to generate the ticket.