CUGIC manages the slew of customer emails
effectively for increased engagement

  • Organize Emails into Tickets

    CUGIC- Offers help desk support to organize all customer support emails and manage them in a centralized and rich email ticketing system.

    CUGIC allows you to categorize your tickets, designate it a status, set its priority and assign it to the relevant support staff representative. With the help of custom filters to sort and group your tickets, you can track tickets hassle free. Make your work easy and simple by adding tags to the ticket queries to index them better. Modern help desk services convert emails into tickets, simplifying the organizational burden faced by the support staff by providing them tools to maintain and enhance the customer agent relationship.

Major Functions of Email-to-Ticket Conversion

  • Productivity Enhancement

    Performing ticketing actions like merging, relating and splitting tickets quickens the ticket tracking process. Performing actions like replying, forwarding, changing status or emailing allows you to update multiple tickets in one go.

  • Working Collaboratively

    CUGIC ticketing system lets you communicate within your team through internal messages. Email tickets can be forwarded to the concerned agent or department to speed up customer support services.

  • Contextual Response

    Update customers with the status of their queries through pre-defined emails. To track prior actions performed on a ticket, entire ticket history can be accessed through activity logs.

  • Email Customization

    Email category customization can be sorted from the centralized ticketing dashboard, based on which ticket will be assigned to agents.

  • Tickets Monitoring

    Keep a check on every ticket to ensure that no important or high priority tickets are missed by any agent.

  • Improve & Measure Processes

    Measure and evaluate the ticket metrics like response time and the time spent on one ticket by an agent.

Working Better & Together!

  • Round-the-clock Assistance

    CUGIC email ticketing system offers customers comprehensive technical support 24/7.

  • Expert Help Available

    Emails with high priority or crucial status are sent to relevant agents for quick and expert solutions.

  • Insights through Customer Interactions

    CUGIC offers reporting solution from team operations to overall customer service.