CUGIC Customer Portal Support - The Ultimate
Gateway to Rousing Services

  • Customer Portal Support – Empowering your customers

    Customer Portal is fundamentally the way a customer can log-in their personal accounts maintained with the company, mainly via a web-browser. Many companies, specifically customer oriented companies for whom customer support matters first, build these portals using customer portal softwares. This support is provided to the customers so that they can easily view and manage their accounts and related content, completely on their own, with less interference of the company.

    CUGIC empowers the customers to have the command over their own personal accounts and data, by giving you the ability to provide them with their own user portal.

Unique Tactics Serving Great Customer Amenity

    • CUGIC Customer Portal Support gives your customers a different approach to gain great customer support and services. Before the popularity of user portals, customers had no choice other than to engage via emails and phone calls. Initially it may have been useful indeed, but then various problems began to rise:
    • Customers had to wait long for their answers, whether it was the response to their emails or hold times over the phone, even for simple queries.
    • Customers lacked the authority to make any changes in their personal or professional data maintained with the company. They had to rely on the company to update the changes, which indeed was time consuming.
    • Another major problem was the availability of customer representatives. Customers can only get in contact during the business hours not before or after that. This made customers wait long just to get in touch with the right person at the right time.
    • Just to avoid all these disturbances, CUGIC gives you the ability to serve your customers more effectively by aiding them with their own Customer Portal Support. The customers this way can contact the support agents anytime for any query, or any information they require for their account or related content.

How CUGIC Helps

CUGIC provides your customers the perfect platform to manage their requests and contributions to a knowledge base or community,
all on one location. With the help of Customer Portal Support, customers can keep a track of all their requests and activities, such as, they
can check the status of open and closed tickets anytime, and even search for ways to answer their own questions.

  • One Place for All Solutions

    A well-designed and organized Customer Portal, is an ideal home for all the information your customer requires in regards to the support
    requests. Customers can easily search for previous tickets they’re CC’d on to find answers to questions that they’ve already asked,
    saving them time—and saving your team from monotonous queries.

  • Get Relevant Information

    Customers can also create new requests on CUGIC Client Portal. Support agents can select relevant fields a customer needs to
    complete, which later helps the agents to resolve the request in regards to the context.