Enjoy Proactive Customer Service and Communication
with Customer Lists

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    Customer Lists enables you to categorize or segment your customers on a set criteria that you specify. They are very much similar to Views as Views categorize your tickets and create a list based on attributes, tags, and custom user fields. On the other hand, Customer Lists organize your customers, segmenting them with tags so that you can pull out their requests to resolve them or search for any information.

    For example, you can create a list of all your customers according to their purchasing history or preferences, based on custom fields. Once you create your lists, they enable you to connect and engage with your customers more effectively and proactively.

How can you segment your customers in Customer Lists?

For better customer engagement here are some ways you can use to categorize your customers in the Customer Lists:

  • Plan Types

    Segment your customers according to the plan type you offer. Create the Customer Lists for each plan, based on a custom field for subscription type or plan.

  • Purchase History

    Create a separate Customer List according to their purchase history or preferences, based on a custom field.

  • E-Commerce

    Divide your customers by creating a Customer List based on the starting and expiry dates of their subscription.

  • VIP Customers

    Create customer lists to identify customers who speak French, all for customers who are added to your system last month.

Importance of Customer Lists

  • Measure Customer Loyalty and
    Get Feedback

    Measure your customer’s loyalty with a survey, then create a customer list based on your customer responses. In this way you can communicate with your customers directly and get their feedback to make them feel heard.

  • Proactively reach out to your customers
    for any changes or renewals

    With the help of Proactive Tickets App you encompass your service beyond
    support tickets and create tickets on the behalf of your customers. For example,
    you can create a ticket of renewal for all those customers whose subscription are
    to expire in the coming month. This ticket then can be to the those customers
    included in a customer list.