Creating Custom Roles and Assigning Agents

  • Aligning Agent Roles with Organizational Structure

    CUGIC specifies permissions for agents and control what they have access to in CUGIC Support & Chat. CUGIC has three default roles: agent, administrator and owner. These roles are sufficient for teams but companies with larger team may have complexed structure and they need to distribute tasks among numerous members.

    To help organizations manage team in a better way, CUGIC offers roles and permissions for agents. With the help of this feature larger companies who have a many teams under one supervision can manage teams in a better way by assigning specific roles and grant access permission to the agents for a smooth work flow. Moreover, the evaluation of an agent and team also becomes quite easy.

Using Roles and Permissions

Here is how you can use roles and permissions to streamline your chat account:

  • Align roles with your team

    Create new agent roles like team lead, QA, analyst and align them with your company structure.

  • Multiple team management

    Customers that support multiple teams can limit chat access in their department.

  • Limit agent activity

    Restrict agents to chat only and block access to other features.

  • Creating custom agent roles

    You can create your own agent roles or create a new role on any of the predefined agent roles. You can also clone, edit the roles like staff, team leader or advisor.

  • Agent Permissions

    While creating custom agent roles, you can choose from the list of permissions that defines what agents can do.

  • Assigning custom roles to agents

    Assign custom roles to an agent by editing the profile or assigning roles to multiple agents at the same time.