Reach your customers for
quick help with Live Chat

CUGIC live chat support is the most fastest way to
reach your customers in real time.

  • Turn the visitors into paid customers

    What better way can you choose to interact with your customers?

    We offer you to have effective communication with the visitors on your website through CUGIC live chat support. You will find it more quicker and responsive than a phone call and an email. According to current stats, 73% customer satisfaction comes from live chat.

  • Take your customers along wherever you go

    CUGIC live chat support allows you to stay connected with your customers wherever you go. You may engage with them over the website, mobile, or via popular social media messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and Twitter.

    You can also keep a follow up of the converstation when offline through email or SMS.

Evaluate the performance to plan further

Measure the customer satisfaction level and performance of your team and agents to check how much time they spend on responding the customer and closing a chat.

Customize your chat window featuring your brand

CUGIC offers you to customize your chat window matching the theme of your website.

Add names and images of your agents to make your customers feel
that they are talking to real persons and not robots.

  • CUGIC App Processing at you finger-tips

    It’s not complicated at all.

    We offer clean, hassle free and easy to pick up chat processing applications, right at your fingertips. Enjoy the most responsive communication network at your own convenience.