Building Rules on Ticket Fields for Agents and End-Users

  • Using the Conditional Fields for a better UX

    The Conditional Fields enables administrators to hide and show fields in tickets to provide agents and end-users a better user experience.

    For instance, if your ticket has a ticket field that ask visitors to choose an operating system, you can add hidden conditional fields like, Mac OS X or Windows. The fields listing the Operating system will remain hidden. Conditional fields can be managed and created by administrators for regular tickets or ticket forms.

  • Making Conditional Fields for Agents

    Agents can use the agent interface in CUGIC to create and update tickets. Administrators can make fields visible to agents only and make the interface appear only when an agent selects a specific value. Agents must ensure that all fields are added in the ticket including the conditional fields.

  • Making Conditional Fields for End Users

    End users can request form in the Help Center to submit support requests. You can make the fields in the request form appear only when the users select a specific value in another field.

  • Making Conditional Fields Required

    You might want to make some fields in the ticket form required, but only appear if they meet the conditions configured through conditional fields. You cannot add those fields which are already added in the CUGIC fields which are marked as required. If you want to use a required feature for Conditional Fields, you must ensure that your ticket fields aren’t marked as required in the same group for both agents and end users from the Admin menu.