CUGIC Ticketing Support Channels for Better Customer Support

Social Media



Cugic provides support for the following channels

  • Email

    Communication made easy through Email in Ticketing System

    Cugic brings you the support email network that enables your customers to send their emails directly to the support agents. These email you receive will automatically change in to tickets. Moreover, Cugic also enables you to set up business rules that would generate automatic responses, such as updating the ticket, solving the ticket, setting priority, auto agent assignment and so on.


    • Productivity Enhancement
    • Working Collaboratively
    • Contextual Response
    • Email Customization
    • Tickets Monitoring
    • Improve & Measure Processes
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  • Facebook and Twitter

    Build strong communication bonds via Social Media Ticketing

    Social media is the most broad and frequently used communication channel, worldwide. You can now be in touch with your customers via Facebook and Twitter, knocking down all communication barriers. Cugic transforms the messages from Facebook and Twitter into an open ticket for your customer support team.

    Social Media Ticketing enables:

    • Support team to respond to customers anywhere and anytime
    • Valuable feedback and insights to be gathered through online marketing campaigns
    • To keep agents updated on customer conversations
    • To improve the quality of customer service
    • To build stronger relationships with customers through personalized support
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  • Chat

    Keep track of all chat requests with Cugic Ticketing System

    Live Chat communication channel enable customers to engage with support agents anytime and anywhere. To make the communication bond stronger and to retain the customer-agent relationship, raise ticket against any chat to the relevant department and get hold of your customer requests even during your off hours.

    How would Cugic Ticketing System be helpful?

    • Increases customer satisfaction level
    • Visitors can fill tickets when agents are offline
    • Track the number of visits a customer makes on any page of the website
    • Organize tickets with the priority and nature of their query
    • Gives real time chat information of the help desk to the agents
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