Setting Business Hours for Customers Convenience

  • Define business hours to let your customers know your availability.

    Defining business hours for customer support is a straightforward task- you either tell your customers that you are open or you are closed. It isn’t simple as it sounds. Nowadays, many organizations have support teams which are working in different time zones to cater customers from across the globe. Moreover, many companies also offer different support hours to different customers.

    To give customers a better sense of customer support services, it is better to define business hours to agents. Agent’s performance can also be tracked by looking at the metrics of set business hours.

  • Setting Business Hours In
    CUGIC Support

    CUGIC allows you to enable business hours so you manage the workflow among different agents. You can set the business hours from the settings and selecting schedule. The business hours can be used in your triggers to control the workflow and in notifications to your customers.

    Many companies fail to provide 24/7 assistance to customers, therefore, it is important to use business hours to acknowledge availability and be helpful to customers by letting them know when they can avail online help.

Managing Holiday Hours through CUGIC Support

Your holidays can be scheduled and appear in a chronological order in your holiday list. Upcoming holidays will be shown by default and you can edit, delete or clone any upcoming holiday.

Create Business Rules based on Business Hours and Holidays

Create views, SLA policies, triggers and automations based on business hours. Triggers can also be created based on holidays.
Liquid placeholders can be used for business hours in macros, triggers and automations. You can create:

  • Views based
    on business hours

  • Triggers based
    on business hours

  • Automations based
    on business hours

  • Triggers based
    on holidays