Tune your Agents’ productivity with effective ticketing features



Dynamic Content

Ease your workflow and achieve maximum agent productivity with the following features:

  • Macros

    Save time and improve productivity with macros

    Agents can now work seamlessly by using Macros when responding to their customer’s ticket request. Macros perform multiple tasks, like adding a response and updating ticket properties, just at the click of a button. This increases agent productivity and performance as the agent can reply with a standard message for most frequently asked questions from the customers or visitors

    How are Macros helpful?

    • They save time of both the customers and the agents
    • Helps in increasing agents productivity and efficiency
    • Performs multiple actions with just one click
    • Boost customer support service and satisfaction
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  • Views

    Organize your tickets more effectively with Views

    Views is the technical term Cugic gives to the course of managing tickets. It is the primary way an agent can organize the list of tickets based on certain criteria. With the help of Views, the agent(s) can easily organize the tickets which need more or urgent attention from you or your team and plan accordingly.

    Types of Views

    • Default Views – a pre-defined set of views you get by default to support your day-to-day workflow.
    • Shared Views – visible and accessible to all users or group of users.
    • Personal Views –agent can create upto 8 views for personal use
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  • Dynamic Content

    Energize your workflow with Cugic Dynamic Content

    Dynamic Content is the combination of text and variations for every other language that you support. It is defined as the text which is dynamically inserted to your business rules and communications with your customers. Dynamic Content works as a powerful tool for localizing content – with your ticketing fields.

    Benefits you enjoy with Dynamic Content:

    • Get streamline multiple language support with DC
    • Personalizing responses from each agent and for each customer
    • Add Emoji Emoticons in tickets
    • Create and edit all your language variants directly
    • Manually set variants which are not in use at the moment
    • Use your DC in automations, macros, and triggers for easy and effective monitoring
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